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A collection of media articles and video tutorials

Gorilla Academy

Whilst working at, I put together a series of educational videos introducing a range of topics in psychology including: Attention, Language, Learning, Social & Consumer Psychology.

I've included the introductions to each topic below, but if you'd like to go further and learn how to build and analyse experiments in each of these topics then click the button below to enter Gorilla Academy.

Image by Markus Spiske
If Attention is the answer, what's the advertising question? 

Survey’s, eye tracking, neuroscience? A tool is only as good as the question you’re asking. So, with that in mind, when does attention matter in advertising?


Using neuroscience and psychology learnings gathered during 10+yrs of Nielsen IQ neuro ad tests, I will discuss how attention works, when attention is important, and when other metrics might be more useful.

How do we learn the social preferences of other people? 

Here, I discuss my research investigating social Prediction Error signals in Autism Spectrum Conditions. Using this novel approach, I was able to identify aberrant activations in a specific brain region. Changes in brain activity corresponded to social symptom severity.

Image by Fernando Lavin
Image by Fernando Lavin

RTÉ Radio1 Drive Time 

Hear me being interviewed about my Autism research live on RTÉ radio 1 Drive Time with John Murray

If you click the link below you can hear my segment from 58:40

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