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Brain imaging is a wonderful tool for investigating human behaviour. However, like any tool it is crucial to know what it can and can't do in order to avoid pitfalls and mistakes. I have over 15yrs experience using a range of methods in a variety of contexts such as:

  • Behavioural analysis

  • Computational modelling of behaviour

  • fMRI

    • Resting state fMRI

    • Task-based fMRI

    • Connectivity analysis

  • EEG

  • Pupilometry

    • a non-invasive measure of noradrenaline in the brain

I also have a great deal of experience integrating methodologies in order to reliably combine measurements of brain and behaviour ​as well as distinct neuroimaging signals such as EEG-fMRI.

If you would like to discuss the best approach to answering your question please get in touch.

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